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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 28, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>>. >> gregg: we begin with fox extreme weather alert. we are tracking hurricane sandy. the super storm is on very dangerous collision course with the east coast. i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> heather: i'm heather childers. radar showing the storm's enormous size. it's potential to effect 50 million americans. at least 5,000 flights have been cancelled and amtrak suspending service up and down the eastern corridor starting tonight and largest mass transit system in the country shutting down, effectively bringing new york city to a standstill. president warning people to take this seriously because sandy
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could possibly be the biggest storm to ever hit the united states mainland. >> my first message is to all the people across the eastern seaboard and atlantic going north that you need to take this very seriously. follow the instructions of your state and local officials because they are going to be providing you with the best advice. >> gregg: this storm is in the minds of all americans including on the campaign trail. here is vice presidential nominee paul ryan a short while ago in ohio? >> let's today when we get home, put in our prayers the people who are in the east coast in the wake of this big storm that is coming. let's not forget those fellow americans of ours. >> gregg: doug is live in delaware where residents are anxiously preparing for sandy? >> it is basically here right
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now. winds are gusting probably about 30 miles an hour. gusting a bit more than that. gust comes along and knocks you off your feet a little bit. this is shaping up in this area as a classic storm coming out of north-northeast. it is typically in this region. nor'easters cause more damage than hurricanes. it's called the ash wednesday storm of 1962, johnf. kennedy was president. hundreds of buildings were destroyed in this area, literally thousands of buildings were badly damaged. president kennedy declared a disaster area. because of that and characteristics of this storm so closely mirror that, the governor of delaware has called for a mandatory evacuation all people are suppose to that out
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of the beach by 8:00 p.m. tonight. by our perusal of the beach a lot of people are not heeding that advice. we a that you sau a couple people step in the surf. authorities got them out of the waves. a little while ago i saw a woman running down the beach with a toddler. they ran right down to the edge of surf and big wave and they went scooting back. not a smart thing to do at all. anyway, we'll be watching this very closely. we're watching in particular, high tide which is scheduled to hit here about 7:32 tonight. peter doocy saw the waves coming right up to the dunes right here. as the full moon, so we are expecting an extraordinary high tide. >> gregg: doug, hang in there. >> heather: one of the most terrifying things about hurricane sandy is its mega
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storm size. listen to the latest dire warning from the national hurricane center. >> we have more and more confident in the track of the storm we are focusing those areas of concern in long island sound and new york area and then the new jersey coast where we could see in the new york area of six to eleven feet, storm plus tide. this could be historic floods. we're going to have the whole thing here perhaps the only thing we won't have with this system is the tornado threat. other than that we're going to have a massive effects over a large area. listen to your local officials. follow their advice and be safe. >> heather: be safe and follow the advice. sandy's sheer mass is spreading more than 800 miles. it's not just the coastline. meteorologist maria molina is tracking the hurricane for us with the very latest?
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>> good to see you. it's not coastal areas that need to pay attention and take sandy very seriously but areas independent land. places across ohio that could be dealing with flooding with several inches of rain expected. sandy is very large system. it spans over 800 miles but not just thet is big concern in making this possibly historic event over portions of the northeast but the fact that sandy is going to be making a transition and becoming more of a nor'easter and also meeting up with antarctic front that dipping southward producing rain in portions of ohio down into parts of kentucky and tennessee. when those storm systems combine very, strong winds, a prolonged period of time you will dealing with the strong winds, an extremely dangerous storm surge with the heavy rain expected from the storm. we are starting to feel the impacts from sandy as far away from the center of it as portions of eastern pennsylvania
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down through parts of maryland. very heavy rain setting up around the baltimore, d.c. area. center is 575 miles away from the new york city area. we do have time to go before the center makes landfall. it's still forecast to make a left turn as we head into the day on monday and land fall expected monday night in central new jersey as some models the center could make landfall a little north. regardless, sandy a very large storm system. will you be feeling the impact well away from the center of it. the forecast will maintain the strength. maximum sustained winds will be about 80 miles an hour. wind gusts can be higher than that. under this scenario the onshore flow. would be new york city area, long island, northern portions of new jersey which bad
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scenario. current forecast is 6-11 feet, basically a water level elevator from normal levels in portions of long island sound and new york harbor. so east river east of manhattan could be seeing historic flooding. other areas, up to 8 feet in portions of new jersey, atlantic city. here is quick look at time line, increase in parts of new jersey, new york city. monday, more rain, gusts to 65 miles an hour and the worst of the storm is forecast to move in across parts of new jersey, new york city, long island as we head into monday night and tuesday morning. as we head into tuesday during the day, talking about heavy wet snow in parts of the states of west virginia and southern parts of pennsylvania. locally more than 2 feet will be possible.
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>> heather: we appreciate veers telling the story. if you are dealing with the storm. you can safely, that being the key, safely get a photo, e-mail to us. ureport at include your name and where you are and possibly see your picture on tv. >> gregg: be careful out there. while the eastern united states is bracing for hurricane, hawaii yanks, is a tsunami advisory cancelled. residents were told to move to higher ground. a strong earthquake off the coast of canada but evacuation orders were lifted when the first waves arrived and scientists saw they were whole lot smaller than predicted. >> heather: nine days until the
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election and both campaigns are making most of limited time. president obama will be leaving the white house for orlando, florida in the next hour and crowd of supporters are awaiting remarks from governor mitt romney and crucial battleground state of ohio. we'll bring you that live. first, let's check in political kosh dented carl cameron. she streaming live -- let's check in with carl cameron. >> live in i-75 having left where the event was a little while ago. we are en route where we'll have second of three events in ohio today. all of which were impromptu as mitt romney had cancelled his schedule in virginia and come here and campaign in the buckeye state with his running mate. in salina, second day in a row he aggressively courted moderate independent swing voters, new rhetoric from him.
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it came in right on the border of indiana in a very republican party of ohio. what he is trying to do is energize the republican base but courted the moderate swing voters. listen. >> i know there is good democrats that love america just like we do. i want to reach across the aisle to them, work together, put the interests of the people ahead of the politicians. we've got to do this. it's too critical a time. [ applause ] 6. >> reporter: and the romney campaign has ceased some of the fund-raising solicitation on the east coast to be deferential for folks dealing with hurricane sandy. mr. romney will continue to campaign. mrs. obama has cancelled events in new hampshire. it appears that mr. romney has to do. he a planned to going to new hampshire but it's not likely
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it's going ticking take place. the campaign is going out of it's a way they want to be a as conscientious as possible giving as much time and space and not tax can the resources, president obama went to the head of the federal emergency management office for a bit of a status report. mr. romney does not enjoy that power of incumbency but every hour lost to sandy is precious time that neither of these campaigns can really afford to give up. ohio has been an obama advantage in the polls for many, many days. romney campaign say they have caught up. new poll out from ohio, consortium of newspapers that mr. romney's momentum is not an actual tie at 49-49 apiece. >> harris: carl cameron, literally from the road.
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once again we'll carry that event live in ohio with governor romney and paul ryan coming up. >> gregg: sit down and put on your seat belts. making me nervous. >> massive cover-up or incompetence? very strong words from senator john mccain on the administration's handling on the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya that killed four americans including our u.s. ambassador. mrz lawmaker calling for the immediate release of all surveillance video gathered during that deadly attack. national security correspondent jennifer griffin joins us live with the late. what requests went unanswered according to your sources? >> remember, my source was on the ground at the c.i.a. annex. i'm told about 9:40 when the first shots were heard, woods and other operators asked the c.i.a. base chief for permission to go help at the consulate.
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they were told to stand down, quote, stand down. base chief was in radio contact with the station chief. u.s. officials say the base chief was trying to arrange libyan help. approximately 10:30 woods and his team asked important per mission to help and they were told to stand down. at that time they disobeyed orders, they were armed and climbing walls all the way to the consulate which i was told half a mile away. they returned to the c.i.a. annex at midnight they radioed for back-up. they took sporadic fire and they asked where the blank is the specter, the gunship. he traveled to libya with republican congressman jason kha jesus. >> i can tell you firsthand account with my meeting, did we have resources in the area, the scenes yes.
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did we have proximity. the answer is yes. and then asked why we didn't send in some of those assets, the general was not requested to do so. >> reporter: tier one special operation forces in southern italy also were never given the go order. >> gregg: what do we know about the two suspected attackers who were actually arrested in turkey. are they in custody? >> we know that two suspects who were seen at the attack on the consulate were detained at the airport in turkey. at least one of them were transferred to tunisia where u.s. authorities have not been given access to them. the attackers can be seen very clearly the internal surveillance system tapes from the consulate i'm told. but the intelligence community is not releasing those tapes. >> now we know there were tapes recordings inside the consulate during this fight.
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they've gotten them and took those. now it's top secret. why would they be top secret? >> my source at c.i.a. annex three attackers were detained by american security team in benghazi but were turned over to the libyan authorities when they evacuated to the airport and are presumed to have been released. >> gregg: jennifer, thanks very much. i want to let you know we are going to be carrying mitt romney's remarks as soon they begin in ohio in just a few minutes from now. stay tuned for that on. >> heather: we'll talk about hurricane sandy is affecting this election. we're keeping an eye on that. 48 hours away from making landfall. in the nngdz area. >> the economic impacted could be catastrophic as sandy is now predicted to be one of worst storms that any of us has ever seen.
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i. >> gregg: hurricane sandy khurngs eighth way north an could slam directly into the northeast sometime tomorrow. a state of emergency already declared in at least six states. new york city is shutting down its entire mass transit system in less than three hours. the storm could cause major property damage. the economic damage from all those lost work hours, that could be considerable, maybe historic. just how much are we talking about here? joining us is business correspondent, brenda buttner. the thing i think about the most is, when people lose electricity you are talking about homes but businesses, when businesses lose power, they also lose the power to do business, right? >> absolutely. you think as homeowners we are most concerned. you and i live in new jersey and they are expecting ten sen to ten days of power outages.
1:21 pm
even for people that haven't felt it before. we aren't able to get to work often and businesses are not able to. they lose power and not able to conduct business. that is lost tax revenue. that is huge. a lot of people are taking about billion dollars, 60 million people are affected. >> gregg: i walked into a retail store on my way to work, they are shutting down early today. maybe not open on tuesday because we won't have any retailers or purchasers, or shoppers. >> unless you are looking for flashlights or candles which is absolutely impossible. >> maybe more of lost retail? >> that is huge. and then business travel. all the subways shut down here. these are major metropolitan areas geesmt d.c., head of government.
1:22 pm
philadelphia, boston, new york city, all being affected. we have some estimates that there could be 500,000 trips just cancelled. that is $600 million in lost revenue because people are doing their business. that is a lot of money. >> gregg: a slowdown or shut down in the financial markets. you got that aspect. what about insurance companies? >> very interesting because basically insurance premiums have been going up wildly in the last few years. 5% just in the past year. 22% since 2007. so you can expect upon renewal even if nothing happened to your home, it is very likely that you could see a premium increase. it's been happening for years now. >> gregg: the front of the storm's impact will be felt on the national insurance program which is part of fema. they paid out $1.28 billion in
1:23 pm
losses last year from irene making it the fourth costly experienced? >> this is will be worse. three storms. we've never seen anything like this. it's definitely going to be devastating. >> gregg: i was reading forbes, i wish we could put it on o up the scream. beside for potential life and safety, economists are predicting that it will upwards of $55 billion in economic damage? >> yeah, it's hard to tell. we don't really know how it'sng. estimates are all over the place. there is one positive. sectors that desperately need more work, construction workers, electricians, plumbers all the rest, they will be finding more work. so there is some stimulus there, but again it's mainly to the negative. >> gregg: if you are contractor out there, this maybe the silver lining.
1:24 pm
the other thing, we have seen in past disasters that it dramatically affects unemployment and g.d.p. because those are tied together? >> absolutely. people won't be going to work. as you said, retailers won't be selling, there won't be tax revenues. and g.d.p. measures how much we produce. if we are not producing that much, with that many people affected and that many businesses out of power, yes. >> gregg: and if you are small business and on profit line, this is not good. brenda, the bearer of bad news, but normally you do it very cheerfully. >> stay safe. >> gregg: you can catch her every saturday morning right here on the fox news channel. >> heather: storm or no storm, campaign must go on. where governor mitt romney is expected to address the crowd any moment in finley, ohio.
1:25 pm
we'll take you there live and also take at it earlier today. >> gregg: we also want to take a closer look how hurricane sandy have long-term effects on american politics for years to come. >> keep the folks in virginia and new jersey and new york and all along the coast in your minds and in your hearts, you know how tough these hurricanes can be. our hearts go out to them. when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understan at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's why every bit of financial advice we offer is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help.
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>>. >> gregg: welcome back. governor mitt rom will be taking the stage at a campaign stop in the battleground state of ohio. very shortly. he will be joined and introduced by his running mate. congressman paul ryan. this is second of three events that the two are attending today. polls in the buckeye state in fact, two of them, both of them
1:30 pm
show a dead heat, an actual tie. one of them is 48-48, the other is 49-49 between the two candidates, governor mitt romney and the president. this state is considered to be a must win for the republican nominee who has visited this state more than any of the others. hurricane sandy is threatening to hit millions of americans over the next several days but the country could be feeling the effects much longer than that. we are only nine days from the presidential election. that storm is going to affect where the candidates go, what they talk about and who will be able to make it out for the early voting. molly henneberg has the details from washington. >> some are calling hurricane sandy the october surprise in this year's election. candidates are trying to work around this massive storm while still keeping up the campaign pace in key battleground states. president obama has cancelled a
1:31 pm
stop in virginia on monday and colorado event on tuesday. he will leave tonight, though, for an event in florida and return to washington to monitor the storm. the white house says the president is getting regular updates on sandy and one democratic strategist says all presidents have to balance a lot of things at once. >> this is part of his life. i think all hurricane sandy sort of add another wrinkle to what a which v challenging job. >> governor rom had planned on campaign in virginia today. he talked to the governor and two decided the state emergency personnel need to focus on storm prep and not on political events. here is what governor romney said about the storm. >> keep the folks in new jersey and new york and in your minds and hearts. nowhow tough these hurricanes can be. >> governor romney went to ohio and linked up with paul ryan. two of them will campaign all
1:32 pm
day in that key battleground state. >> gregg: molly henneberg, thanks. >> just a short time ago the rom campaign made and announcement. they have stopped fund-raising, e-mails in washington, virginia, pennsylvania and north carolina and new jersey all because of hurricane sandy. let's take about the political storm in a fair and balanced debate. brad blakeman is former assistant to george bush and jehmu green is fox news contributor. thanks for joining us. brad, i'll begin with you. an october surprise that no one was counting on. how did the candidates deal with this moving forward. nine days out? >> they must show empathy to those people in harm's way. life and property on the line for these folks. from virginia to new york. wear talking about a storm that can reach as far west as chicago. this is battleground state of
1:33 pm
ohio is someplace it could have an effect. you have to walk a fine line between being political and also being empathetic to the plight of americans. you have seen that with the romney campaign. they have turned their headquarters in many states into relief centers. they stood down from fund-raising. candidates themselves are not making appearances in these states. i think at a time when a week to go before the election. it's very important that we put first things first, it trumps the national election because it will take care of itself a week from tuesday. let's hope that everything is okay. we'll get back to politics once the storm is passed. >> harris: do you think one political party would benefit over the other when it comes to a natural disaster like this? >> i think conventional wisdom that bad weather effects
1:34 pm
democratic voters more than republican voters. but in instance both campaigns are dealing with this in equal ways. now, probably the obama for america folks have an advantage because their campaign operation is incredibly tight whereas over the past couple years we've seen some problems with the romney campaign. the great thing about america in situations like this we are resilient. we come together as a country. this doesn't need ton politicized but why early voting and other ways to expand the electorate is so important. you need to have more opportunities to vote. can you imagine if hurricane sandy hit on election day and that was the only way that people could vote? you wouldn't have that type of participation. i also hope that republicans don't take advantage of this
1:35 pm
opportunity. if polls have to close. we shaw sau a lot of shenanigans to try to decrease the electorate. basically to fix the election. >> heather: i have to have brad remarks about that? >> i think that is an outrageous statement. saying that republicans are going to take advantage of this storm, is really beyond the pale. i can't believe that you said that. republicans and i hope democrats, too, are worried about the people in harm's way and politics will take care of itself. we're not going to disenfranchise voters. what it is all about, turning our headquarters into relief centers and helping people. first things first. let's get rid of storm and let's talk politics. >> the point is, brad, republicans, if you look at ohio in particular, they tried to stop early voting in ohio.
1:36 pm
they made really concerted effort to stop early voting which allows more people to participate in the process. my mothers who worked or using any opportunity. >> 51 days before an national election is argument you can make. six days before the election, they can vote before the election there is legitimacy in how early it should be. >> heather: who is stopping early voting at least in maryland on monday, that is hurricane sand day di that has been announced. maryland is being affected on monday. >> let's heather, i'm coming from galveston. i've been there a few days where people really understand hurricanes. my take away, i think a lot of people are worried about hurricane homicidal and what the effects of the romney administration would be on this
1:37 pm
country. >> heather: thank you both for joining us. thank you. >> gregg: a grieving mother of a 14-year-old girl now suing the makers of a high energy drink blaming it for killing her daughter. does she have a case. our our legal panel is to weigh in next. >> it's something you never want to go through. she was gasping for air. she was making these awful noises. she had no pulse. where others fail, droid powers through.
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1:42 pm
than one day. one can of the drink reportedly has seven times as much caffeine as one 12-ounce can of coca-cola. they are investigating as many as six deaths that may be linked to monster energy drink. >> they were watching a movie at a mall when she suddenly suffered a heart attack last december. official cause of death, cardiac arrhythmia to caffeine toxicity. she did have an inherited disorder to be weaken blood vessels but mother says it was a mild disorder and never had any symptoms. she describes what happened. >> she was gasping for air. she was making awful noises, her heart was still beating. got her on the floor. her heart had stopped and
1:43 pm
started cpr. >> they induce add coma and taken off of life support after six days. there is warning on the can that says, drink in moderation. the company stands by its product saying it played no role in the girl's death. mother's attorney says the highly caffeinated drink needs tighter oversight by the government. >> she wants to make sure that energy drinks are regulated by the fda just like soda is regulated by the fda, just like nodoz pills are regulated by the fda. we believe energy drinks need much better warnings on them. >> gregg: two cans in 24 hours, is that moderation? let's bring in the legal panel, bob mags si and defense attorney tisha evans. >> you handle a lot of these cases. what is your take of this? >> from the plaintiff's perspective they will have to
1:44 pm
show causation. that being the ingestion of the drink to caused death. preexisting medical condition is going to play a big role. medical experts are coming in both sides. you will have will the warning issue on to overcome. supervision to overcome. what evidence the mother as she drank in it excess. that is where the evidence will lie. it's not that easy of a case for the plaintiff. >> gregg: tisha, you know children make bad choices all the time which is why they need apparently guidance. if the mother knows, parental guidance. but if the mother notion could there be contribute other negligence on the part of mother? >> you have to make sure that she was with her. >> does she haveable an obligation you have to stay away anything that has caffeine base of a heart condition?
1:45 pm
>> i would say no, it's ridiculous. anything that is taken excessively can cause health problems. autopsy report from caffeine toxicity toxicity. i would say it was the cause of death. they are targeting children who are not responsible. >> gregg: bob, apparently this company is being investigated for five other alleged deaths in relation to the monster drink, maybe not this one but one of their products which they deny, but the mere fact they be investigated be admissible evidence and how damaging will it be? >> i think it's going to be depend on the stated where it's prosecuted. as we know as lawyers, viewers, you file motions in limine. it's going to be any investigation in you have to prove the negligence.
1:46 pm
you have to prove the causation. you have to be able to establish it. warning issue is going to be a big part of this. the warning was on this label. how many of these have been consumed for years. other than that is what we're talking about, what were the circumstances surrounding. this plaintiff, god lover. >> gregg: the other thing, it's true you don't put a warning on your soda can and it's not really soda unless there is something potentially dangerous about it. what about the fact, they've been able to get around fda monitoring and guidance and rules by identifying this as a health supplement. jurors aren't going like that? >> there is a case in toronto where a similar aged child died from drinking an energy drink. they made them classify it as food so it could be regulated more. they limited the marketing.
1:47 pm
they limited the amount of caffeine. my problem with these energy drinks, the stronger, they are harsher the better. these kids will be drawn to it. they have to think about the consequences. >> gregg: put up their statement before we say goodbye. monster does not believe that its products any way responsible for the death of her and intends to vigorously defend the it. there is no evidence that 24 ounce cans have less caffeine. it has sold 8 billion cans of beverage trouble free, allegedly trouble free. all right. good to see you both. take care. >> heather: as promised we are moments away from a campaign address from governor romney appearing at a joint event in the battleground state of ohio. he is with his running mate paul
1:48 pm
ryan. we will bring you this live right after this break. stay tuned. :
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>>. >> gregg: congressman paul ryan and mitt romney are about to take the stage at campaign stop in the building ground state of
1:52 pm
ohio. right now you see senator rob portman is speaking to the crowd. this is in finley, ohio, he will introduce congressman ryan and then governor mitt romney. let's take a listen. >> please welcome, paul ryan! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hey, everybody! >> thank you so much. oilers, thank you so much. thank you so much for your hospitality.
1:53 pm
how about this, rob portman, what a legislator, what a leader. thank you for what you do to ohio and thank you for what you do to america. thank you so much. [ applause ] you know another great guy we share trail photos with is bob lanta. he is great member of congress. i really thank you for your leadership what you do for us. [ applause ] how about mary taylor, what a great lieutenant governor. [ applause ] >> you do all everybody a favor, by making rob portman the senior senator of ohio by elect josh mandel the next senator from ohio. >> hey, finley, are you ready to
1:54 pm
help us win this thing. this is serious time. this is not your run-of-the-mill presidential election. we're not just deciding who is going to be president for four more years. we are making decisions at this time which will shape our nation for a generation. what kind of country we're going to leave our kids and grandkids. what kind of people we are going to be. we have got very serious problems right in front of us. they require real leadership and serious solutions. this above all is why we need to elect mitt romney as our next president of the united states. [ applause ] >> we need leaders who will confront our problems. let me read you a quote that
1:55 pm
somebody said four years ago. if you don't have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare voters, if you don't have a record to run on, you painted your opponent people should run from. you make a big election about small things. you know who said that? so you do know who said that. [ laughter ] >> tha is what barack obama said when he was running for president four years ago. turn on your tv and that is what he has become this year. ohio is not going to fall for it are you? he can't run on his record. he can't run on the fact that there are 23 million americans struggling for work today or nearly one in six are living in poverty today. or that we have a debt crisis right on our horizon because he failed to fulfill people together to solve problems, because he famed to cut the
1:56 pm
deficit in half. he failed to take our country's problems and instead he ran from them and he blamed other people. we cannot afford four more years like this. we can't go down this path. after getting the run around for four years, it's time we get a turnaround. that is the kind mitt romney is. [ applause ] >> the president is not running on o agenda for a second term. we know where we are headed. debt schedule is going $16 trillion to $20 trillion. we have a tax increases staring us in the face. of all the taxes of obamacare, 12 of them hit middle income tax pace. we were leaving dayton at this beautiful church emanuel in
1:57 pm
downtown dayton. nice lady said please tell me you are going to get rid of obamacare and this assault to our religious liberties. i have to tell you we're going to get rid of the assault on religious liberties. there is so much at stake in this election. it really does come down to the kind of countries we're going to give our kids and grandkids. the kind of people we're going to be. does the government work for us or not? look, we believe in the principles that built this country. we believe in liberty, free enterprise, self-determination that government works for us and not the other way around. those are the principles that built this country. [ applause ] >> we need leaders that understand this. we need leaders who are not
1:58 pm
afraid to stand up for those founding principles. these are the principles that are founders gave us and every generation of veterans secured our country for us. we will honor you by honoring this country's founding principles. [ applause ] so, of all the things we need, we need leadership. look, one of my favorite historians passed away a few weeks ago. he would always talk about the common qualities that make a grade leader at a special time in a nation's history. a person who has a moral compass a, a bed rook of principles and the ability the skills and proven track record to executed that vision. that is mitt romney. that is this man in a nutshell. [ applause ]
1:59 pm
>> this is man -- this is a man who did not demonize democrats but found common ground and balanced the budget without raising taxes as a republican governor of a democratic stated. this is man when given responsibility and fulfilled it. he has succeeded where others have failed. this is a man who turned around struggling businesses. he started small businesses and by the way, being successful in business, that is a good thing. [ applause ] there is nothing wrong with that. we wanted more of that. we want more people to be successful. that is how we grow. that is how we get more jobs. that is how we get more take home pay. that is how we get the american treatment within reach of everybody in america! we have a job, wouldn't it be great to have a job creator in the white house! look, we need your help. we are asking for your vot
2:00 pm
on november 6th this is your time of choosing. as you know it. ohio, as ohio goes so goes america. you have a unique responsibility. you have a big opportunity. i think you realize that. when we look at the big decision we have it's crystal clear we are given a clear choice. we can wake up the next day on november 7th and look at the tv screen and see that we're going to wait four more years for real change or nine more days from now. [ applause ] >> four more years or nine more days, i would say nine more days >> we can do this. nine more days. >> mine more days. >> mine on nor mo are days to
2:01 pm
get america back on the right track. nine more days to put us in the right path. nine more days and the next day we will wake up and see that we have elected a leader. a man that will be proud to call our president. the next president of the united states, mitt romney! ♪ free like a river raging ♪ strock, strong, strong ♪ deep like a river raging ♪ strong, strong
2:02 pm
>> thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you so much. thank you so much. thank you. what a welcome! thank you findlay, ohio. it is good to be with us today. i owe you a great debt of gratitude for being here today, for standing, for waiting as long as it takes to get through the mags, to come and see us. i know there are other things you can do today but you come here because you care about the country. i appreciate your generosity of
2:03 pm
spirit. thank you. you heard some entertainers. i am not talking about these guys, big & rich were here and i tell you, it's -- cowboy troy, did all these guys sing? i didn't get to hear it? just amazing. i appreciate their being here and the lt. governor taylor and i appreciate the fact that the congressman was here. i heard someone screaming back there, it must be the congressman's wife. it is a time of celebration and importance and significance. some people in the country are nervous about a storm about to hit the coast and our thoughts and prayers are with the people who will find themselves in harm's way. i'm heartened bit fact as i go
2:04 pm
across the country in very large cities to small cities people are turning out in large numbers because they care. they care about this election. they care about the country and the direction of the country. i think there is a gathering degree of support across the country. people recognize what is at stake. we face huge challenges as a nation. we face huge opportunities. this is a big election. this will be a turning point. four years ago, the president spoke to the greatness of the times. over the last four years he hasn't sured up to what he spoke about. now he is reduced to talking about smaller and smaller things. the campaign is about saving characters on "sesame street" and silly word games and attacks day in and day out. attacking someone does not mean they have an agenda. we have an agenda to get america
2:05 pm
back and we will do that. there are, after you listened to paul ryan talk about where america would be if the president is re-elected and where we will take the country. there are big departures between the two. there is something else that accounts for the growing interest in the campaign: a recognition that the president believes everything is going about right, we are on track, and it is time to stay the course. i continue that to be more foreeveryone wad, all right? my view is this is a turning point for america and we need to take a different course. we cannot stay on the course we are on. the american people understand we need dramatic and real change to have a bright future for us.
2:06 pm
you want four more years with 23 million americans struggling to find a good job? do you want four more years of higher taxes? do you want four more years where new businesses are not starting up? >> no. >> do you want four more years of obamacare? >> no. >> that got the loudest no. i'm convinced to have a bright and prosperous future we have to take a different course. the president says, no, no, we will go on the same road we are on. this is another "no." people can determine what the future will be like under president obama by seeing what it is like right now. the course he has put us on, higher taxes, obamacare, cutting medicare by $716 billion, having in place a series of taxes,
2:07 pm
regulatory policies that make it harder for a small business to start, that ends up hurting and you your family. this is an election about big things, meaning whether we will have energy independence, whether america's military is strong and whether our economy will lead the world. but it is also a matter of big things in your life, in your homes. if you are a senior, friends, or, perhaps, you are caring for a senior in your home and if president obama were re-elected and you developed a medical condition that requires a medical specialist and the call the office of the specialist and the appointment secretary says, under obamacare, i'm sorry we are not taking anymore medicare patients because of the cuts that were put on medicare bio-- by obamacare, because of the cuts, half the doctors surveyed say they will not take any more
2:08 pm
patients on medicare so that is why we will repeal obamacare. and if you are a college student at the university here or wherever you are going to school, and you graduate, a big difference between whether the president's re-elected or whether paul ryan and i are elected, if you graduate and he is your president, good luck finding a job. if i'm your president, we will do everything in our power to make sure jobs come back and are waiting for college graduates. (applause). >> by the way, when you graduate, you will probably have $10,000 or $20,000 or more of student debt. that means you will find out you will pay interest on that for a long-term and paying back the principle but there is more debt you don't know about, over the
2:09 pm
last four years, the president has borrowed and put on the balance sheet of debt held by the public, almost as much debt held by the public as all the prior presidents, combined. that debt, by the way, will not be paid back by my generation we will be long gone. you will pay the interest on that and the principle. it will be a burden on the graduating classes. there are $50,000 of debt for every man, woman, and child in america. we think that is wrong. we think it is immoral and that is why we get america on track to have a balanced budget. >> let's say you have the kids at home. say you have kids at home and i hope you have great schools and are happy with your schools but
2:10 pm
if you are concerned the school is not measuring up or you are concerned your child may not have the skills they need for the future and no the jobs of the future you may want to pick a charter school or another public school that you think would be better, but, unfortunately, because the president gets most of the largest campaign contribution coming from the teacher's union, he doesn't favor the kind of school choice we favor. what i will do, i will take all the federal dollars that come out to help our disabled kids and low income kids and rather than giving it to the school i will make sure it follows the student so the parent can decide where the student will go to school. i happen to believe that giving people more freedom and more choice in where their kids go to school will improve their schools and give the kids the education they desire and deserve. this are other things that will be different in your life
2:11 pm
depending on who is elected. if you are in your 40's and 50's these are supposed to be get best earning years. a lot of people are out of work and a lot of people who have jobs are finding they cannot put money away for retirement or they have a hard time helping out their kids with college or other expenses because there has been a middle-class squeeze. the median income is down by $4,300 a family, that is a lot to be down each year, and, at the same time, gasoline for an average family is up $2,000 a year , and the health insurance premiums premiums are up by $2,500 and electricity and food, and middle income families that have jobs are getting squeezed. i talked with with a guy from wisconsin. he had a job at $25 an hour plus
2:12 pm
benefited and now the only job he can get is $8, without benefits. he is not on the unemployment roles. he is not one of the 23 million who cannot find work, struggling to find a good job. this country is facing tough times. we had three presidential debates and a vice presidential debate, but did he lay out a plan to get the economy going? >> no. >> paul ryan and i were. we talked about -- he says he inherited a very difficult economy. that is true. but that is not all he inherited. he inherited the greatest nation on the history of the earth. he also inherited the biggest economy in the world, the most
2:13 pm
productive and innovative people in the world. the problem, the problem is not is much what he inherited but what he did with what he inherited. he did not make the changes that got the economy going and the idea for the future is another stimulus and raising taxes. that does not create jobs. paul ryan and my five-point five step plan will create 12 million new jobs and rising take home pay. american people need that kind of leadership. you know, some of you know by now what the five steps are, but i will remind you. number one: we will take full advantage of our oil, our coal, our gas, our nuclear, our renewables. that is number one. by the way, we will build that pipeline from canada to bring more oil into our country.
2:14 pm
number two, we will open up trade with other nations particularly in latin america so there will be more jobs for us because we can compete anywhere in the world. but if a nation cheats, and china has been cheating on trade, we will hold them accountable and make that stop. number three, we will have the kind of training that our adult workers need and the kind of schools our kids need. my view on education, you put the kids, parents and teachers first and the teachers union has to go behind. number four, i have already mentioned which is balancing our budget. by the way the reason that is important for job creation is this: you are not going to find entrepreneurs taking their live savings to start a business if they think we are headed to greece, an economic calamity. we will not find big corporations say, let's move to
2:15 pm
ohio and build a new facility and hire people if they think america is going to be like italy or spain. we have to show them we are willing to sit down and deal with our budget crisis and bring in the excess and get ourselves on track to a balanced budget. number five is this: we need to champion small business. we need to help small business grow and get going. the president talks business every four years but he doesn't understand it the way you need to really understand how hard it is to start a business. what the prospects are for success which are not green -- great when you start a new business. it is hard work. if it is successful, they did build it. the government did not build it.
2:16 pm
so i want to do everything in my power to start small business. the president has ideas for small businesses. one is to raise the taxes on small business on businesses that employ about 25 percent of america's private sector workforce he wants to raise their taxes. that will kill jobs. i will not raise taxes on small business and i will not race taxes on middle income families in america. so we see two very different paths: a president with no new ideas, no agenda, no plan for getting america's economy working because he thinks everything is fine right now. he says, go forward. but we have two guys here, more
2:17 pm
than two, we have four of us on the stage at least, would believe that we are at a turning point and we need to take a different course, we need to draw on the great qualities of the american spirit to take america in the path that will get america growing again, adding jobs again, raising take home pay, building small business, and we will do it together. for that to happen, sometimes, perhaps, in our nation's history if we could just talk about the opposition party like we have no interest in them and we will push them aside. the truth is, given the scale of
2:18 pm
the challenges we face and the need for a national turning point, for us to be successful in doing the five things i just described and creating the 12 million jobs and rising take home pay, we need to actually do something people is talked about for a long-term. that is, reach across the aisle and work with people in the opposition party and find common ground, find where we can find people who love america in both parties and work together. paul ryan has done that. paul did that with senator wyden of oregon, working together on a proposal to make sure in the next generation we can save medicare as we have in this generation. di that in the state of massachusetts. we have a few democrats in my state. actually, my legislature was 85 percent democrat. i think it is the most single sided legislature in america. when i became, or was, when i was governor. when i was elected it was not
2:19 pm
lost to get the job done i had to work with people in the other country. we had a multi-billion dollar budget problem, budget gap. we didn't battle each other. we found ways to make ourselves work together. we actually cut spending. can you imagine, we didn't just slow down the rate of growth of spending, we cut spending. we cut taxes, too, we cut taxes 19 times. we wanted to make our state as attractive as it could be for intends and businesses to create more investment and jobs in our state. we did this together. republicans and democrats have to do this together. i will go to washington, dc, with paul ryan. we will meet regularly with democrat leaders, republican leaders, and battle on the issues that matter most and find common ground where they keep their principles and we keep ours. it matters. the country is in a critical
2:20 pm
time and we need that kind of leadership. it is there. i know it is there. i have seen the great qualities of the human spirit, evidenced in the american people. i see it in the men and women who serve in our military. we don't ask them what party they're from. when they are standing up in harm's way to defend our freedoms, we don't say are you a republican or democrat or an independent? they are an american. we come together, and that is what we need have in this country again, that kind of leadership that brings the great qualities together. i love one of the verses in one of our national hymns, "america the beautiful," oh beautiful for heroes proved in liberating strife, more than self their
2:21 pm
country love and mercy more than life. would our veterans and members of the armed forces please raise your hand. a quality of the american spirit is to live for something bigger than yourself as the men and women in uniform do. as a boy scout leader years ago i was as a court of honor, where the boy scotts get the eagle scout awards or other awards and i was at the front of the front seated toward the end next to an american flag. the person who was at the
2:22 pm
microphone speaking was the scoutmaster from monument, colorado, and he was talking about a flag his boy scout troop purchased they wanted as a special flag, pretty good-sized with gold tass sells and it was flown to the capital and put above the building and the boys wanted to have it go up in the space shuttle and they contacted nasa and asked if they would take the flag and they agreed. he said you could not imagine how proud they were to watch tv in their home room in school know on the shuttle, their flag was on board. and they saw that launch occur and, suddenly, the shuttle exploded in the air. he said he called nasa two weeks later and asked if they found any remnant of the flag. he said each week for months he called. still, no flag.
2:23 pm
one day he was reading in the newspaper an article about debris that was lost and something about a flag, and nasa had something to present to the troop. nasa came with the boys and nasa gave the boys this plastic box, and they opened it up and there was their flag in perfect condition. and then he said and that is on the flagpole next to mr. romney and i grabbed it and pulled it out and it was as if electricity was running through my arm because i thought of the men and women in our space program who had walked in dangerous path for us, for learning, for knowledge, pioneers, the american way, we live for something bigger than ourselves, like the service men and women and the senates. i think my sister, my sister is
2:24 pm
in her 70's, her husband passed away a couple of years ago and she has eight kids. the first seven are all married with children of their own, the eighth was born down's syndrome and jeffrey now is 43 and and she lives her life to make sure he has a full life and has for the past 43 years. she is a hero to me. i think of moms like that, who give of themselves to their kids . i think of single moms who try now are having a hard time make end's meet in many cases. so they scrimp and save to make sure they could have a good meal on the table for their child or children at the end of the day. i think of moms and dads that are doing two jobs right now or,
2:25 pm
perhaps, one has a day shift and the other a night shift. they doing all this so they can have enough money to buy clothes for their kids to be able to look like the other kids at school. then the couples who this year decided they will not change gifts, again, because they want to give to their kid as great christmas. we are a people who are known for our willingness to live for something bigger than ourselves, for our children, for our family, for our community, for our schools, for our nation. that is what makes in some ways this nation so exceptional, our willing to sacrifice for greatness. this is a time for that. it is a time of great challenge. it is a big election. we are counting on you. this could be the place that decides who the next president. i need you to vote. i need to you get out there and help us get america back. we are counting on you. this country needs you.
2:26 pm
you can provide it. get out and vote early. make sure we take back this country. i love you. i need you. let's take back america and keep it the hope of the earth. thank you so very were, thank you, guys. thank you! >>gregg: governor romney talking to a large and cheering call saying president obama is playing small ball politics and saying attacks are on his agenda and then he laid out his plan to fix america's economy and solve the dire jobless problem. it is an important day for the republican candidate for the very first time in this critical swing state of ohio, he is actually tied with president obama in two separate polls, 48 to 48 in one and 49 to 49 in the other. that is quite a comeback for a
2:27 pm
nominee who not long ago was behind in ohio by double digits. can he hold on and increase the momentum over the next nine days >> but, first, a weather alert. now the latest updaylight advisory on hurricane sandy. the news is not getting better for people on the eastern seaboard. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's election headquarters. >>gregg: glad you are with us. this hurricane will soon merge with a snowstorm and a cold front resulting in a rare and extremely dangerous event. sandy is bringing major cities to their knees forcing cancellations of thousands of flights and trains and shutting down a lost government offices and entire school systems just a short while ago. the president reached out to america in sandy's path.
2:28 pm
>> my message to the governors as well as to the mayors is, anything they need, we will be there. we are going to cut through red tape. we will not get bogged down with a lot of rules. we want to make sure we move forward and make sure we have the best possible response to what is going to be a big and messy system. in times like this one thing americans do is pull together and help out one another so there could be elderly populations in your area, check on your neighbor and your friend and make sure they are prepared. if they do well get through the storm just fine. >> and our meteorologist is in the weather center with that update from the national hurricane center. maria: good to see you, heather. sandy is maintaining her strength well. with winded up to 75 miles per hour and 530 miles southeast of new york city.
2:29 pm
we expect sandy to make landfall in central new jersey on monday night but we are feeling the impact from sandy because it is a large storm system across portions of eastern pennsylvania, through maryland and heavy rain and falling across eastern parts of north carolina where we are seeing the heavy rain falling yesterday and the wind starting to pick up across portions of long island with winds exceeding 30 miles per hour in some areas, new york city seeing winds at 21 to 24 miles per hour. that is what we are looking at. the wind is coming from the northeast toward the southwest because of the circulation from the storm system, and parts of new jersey enduring winds well over on miles per hour reaching 30 miles per hour at times across the atlantic city area, and areas inland such as baltimore dealing with winds over 20 miles per hour. so, again, very large storm system and still away from landfall but we have concerns
2:30 pm
because of the major coastal flooding along long island which is possible to see a storm surge up to 11' and the same for new york harbor area so they could have historical flooding. it will be of long duration with some areas experiencing 48 hours of high wind and some significant rain up to 10". it will be well inland with flood advisories and watches as far inland as cleveland, ohio. on monday night, expect a post tropical system. do not focus on whether it is a hurricane or a post tropical system, it will be posing a significant threat across the northeast and the mid-atlantic because of the concerns we mentioned and it will continue pushing inland but we will continue to see the impact from sandy even as we head into early wednesday morning across the northeast. big concerns, storm surge is a
2:31 pm
threat. landfall is expected across central new jersey and that puts new york city on the northern end of the storm so you will get the onshore flow with surge up to 11' and the water will pile up across eastern manhattan so quote have flooding out there and waves up to 20' in the ocean. >>heather: and 50 mill could -- and 50 million people could be affected. >>gregg: still ahead, the finish line in the marathon race to the white house is now in sight. we have the latest poll and our campaign insiders. >> that is how i feel about ohio, you have clear eyes and full hearts and november 6 we cannot lose with your help. we are taking back america. this is going to be a great time for america and you and your families. paul ryan and i will not fail
2:32 pm
you. capital one venture miles for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with the capital one venture card... you can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles you can actually use. what's in your wallet? alec jr? it was a gift.
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call now! >>heather: final preparations underway as hurricane sandy moves in on the northeast. times square have winds picking up in new york city where mandatory evacuations have been ordered for low-lying areas. the entire mass transit system set to should down tonight ahead of the storm's arrival. what is happening? >> hello, heather. the wind is starting to pick up and the ocean is getting angry. zones are under mandatory evacuations and many are heeding the warnings remember what irene did last year. this storm is expected to be much worse. the red cross set up shelters
2:37 pm
assisting residents as they brace if strong winds that can cause massive destruction and wide-spread power outages. folks are trying to protect their homes early today filling up sandbags. as far assails, 3,000 flights have been canceled and, also, similar to irene, as you mentioned, the subways and the buses and the railroad systems in the city of new york shut down at 7:00 and the mayor of new york will order evacuations for low-lying areas in queen and lower portions of manhattan. also the 1.1 million schoolchildren will not go to school but the stock exchange will open. >>heather: what about the rest of the northeast? we talked about up to 50 million people being affected. what about the other areas? >> this is a big deal. along with new york and new jersey, a handful of other
2:38 pm
states have declared a state of emergency. with the declaration, by new jersey governor chris christie, 12 casinos are shutting down only the fourth team in 34 years so there is a common impact. amtrak announcing at 7:00 they will suspend services north of new york and, tomorrow, everything along the eastern seaboard for amtrak is not going to be running with the exception of a few trains in florida and north carolina. >>heather: we appreciate when our viewers help us tell the stories with will months expected to be hit by sandy. if you are dealing with the storm and you can safely, safely get a photo, e-mail it to us at and tell us where you are. you keepable see your picture on tv. again, be sure to stay safe in dangerous conditions and keep it
2:39 pm
here on fox. greg greg the debates are over and the finish line is in sight. what is the state of the race right now? governor romney is leading president obama by four points among likely voters 50-46 percent. now our campaign insiders, a former republican congressman for new york, john leboutillier, and pat caddell, former pollster for jimmy carter, and doug schoen a fox news contributor and former pollster for bill clinton. doug, where does the race stand? >>doug: first, the national popular vote, you look at average, 1.5 to 2 points for governor romney. there are eight daily national polls. the governor romney has been leading in five or six.
2:40 pm
the swing states, we will get do that in a second, they are deadlocked and the momentum we talked about last week, it continues to be ever-so-slightly in my judgment, for governor romney. >>gregg: and now the rasmussen poll, the national poll, governor romney is 50 and president obama at 47 and most of the national polls are showing governor romney with a lead. now, having said that, pat, talk about the president's declining job approval. >>pat: we have talked on the program, i said the most important number is the job approval. he is holding at 50. it took a real dip since last tuesday in the polling from 53 percent to 47 and the negative is up and also in rasmussen he dropped from 50 to 47. >>gregg: what does that mean? >>pat: in advance of a vote movement the approval rating is
2:41 pm
going down. he has to be at 50 to win in my opinion and, i think, doug, and this is the moment when an incumbent usually gets a bump in the undecided but i'm not sure that bump is in evidence. >>gregg: national policies are one thing but you have to win on the electoral map. now, the average real clear politics average in all the individual states and you can see the number of president obama 201 and romney 191 and you have to have 270 for win. the yellows are still in play, toss ups. congressman? >> well, what we don't know is this decline that doug and pat are talking about in the approval rating of the president, whether that is infecting obama's numbers in ohio, virginia, nevada and new hampshire. if he wins a couple of them if he wins ohio and nevada he will probably be re-elected but there
2:42 pm
is stuff happening in the other states we have not been talking about. today, three-point lead for obama in minnesota a state no one talked about. >> astonishing. >> michigan and pennsylvania are in play. >> very close. >> two polls in ohio in the last two days, dead even. >> we are talking about the rasmussen poll and columbus dispatch poll. here is the columbus dispatch, a consortium of newspapers in ohio: dead tie at 49 and 49 and 48 and 48 in rasmussen. >>doug: this has been the obama firewall. the president has had a two or three-point lead and strong ground game probably an advantage early in the voting. all the movement now there appears to be to governor romney. he needs ohio to win. otherwise, it is a much more difficult process. >> and rasmussen has it dead
2:43 pm
even. >>gregg: can romney win pennsylvania? >>pat: it is very close. no one is spending money or time, the second oldest state, they don't like obamacare and it depends on the affluent suburbs. >> why are the candidates not going to the states? >> the world is flat, i cannot move. the fact is, you take advantage of opportunity. like obama did with indiana and north carolina. >> do they think necessity -- need to put on resources in ohio. >> he had to cancel going to virginia because of the hurricane. so if i'm running his catch i would say we have the candidate, he is on the road we will do two stops, pittsburgh and wisconsin. >>doug: in western pennsylvania i see huge movement among the traditional democrats to romney.
2:44 pm
i disagree with pat but i think obama will win but he need as big vote out of philadelphia. >>gregg: the coal country has been devastated and that will make a difference. the campaign insiders will be back in a moment. they do everything they can to control the events and sometimes the best laid plans go for naught. we are talking about sandy. i forgot what i was going to say. patrick, i want 100% commitment! because i care man, ok? who are we!? 49ers! 49ers! 49ers! yeah! [ all cheering ] what the heck is going on in here? sorry coach, i just got a little carried away. alright, i think we're good. [ morgan ] for a chance to be in a locker room on game day and more... join visa nfl fan offers and make your season epic. [ male announcer ] to take it all head-on...
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>>greg: as hurricane sandy moves in on the east coast what is the impact? we will bring in our campaign insiders. does this change the race in affect it >>doug: i don't think so. there has been momentum to governor romney we have talked about. in a certain sense, this freezes the action in the very short-term. if there are massive clean up efforts particularly in swing
2:49 pm
states, you will see the president go there to try to aid the campaign. but unless something unforeseen happens, and we hope it don't, no real impact. >>gregg: if there are power outages to tens of millions the commercials will not be seen? >>pat: that will help. >> i would call that an act of god. >>pat: but there are other things, the job numbers coming out on saturday after the catastrophe last month, god knows what it will be. you have whether they will attack someone in libya which i keep saying, given way they have been going, and the press has avoided the story, but --. >> the president said if they fine the person they will get them. >>pat: i guarantee it will be after friday prayers that it happens. >>gregg: what extent has
2:50 pm
benghazi hurt the president? >>john: that could be the reason why the approval rating has gone down as president in the last week. this has just come out in the last two weeks and it is dribbling out day-by-day but not in the mainstream media. >> it goes to his character and competence and his leadership. >> people are asking, do they want to continue with the status quo? foreign policy-wise and domestic-wise. >>gregg: thank you, gentleman, you can get more from the campaign insiders on monday at 10:30 a.m., on fox news, live at and you can follow them at twitter. i'm a conservative investor. i invest in what i know. i turned 65 last week. i'm getting married. planning a life. there are risks, sure. but, there's no reward without it.
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good eye.
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2:54 pm
>>heather: a weather alert. hurricane sandy putting the east coast in the crosshairs with hurricane force winds from the monster storm expected from virginia to massachusetts. and now, maria? maria: you pointed out something very important, it is such a large storm system from one end to the other about 900 miles, so, many, many will feel
2:55 pm
the impact from new england to portions of the southeast and we want to point out the timeline that what we are expecting with sandy because although the center of the system moves over central portions of new jersey, many of you will feel the impact from portions of north carolina through new york city area as early as tonight so we are expecting the heavy rain to start already and some of you are seeing some of that across the washington, dc and baltimore area with the wins increasing and the water rising with gusts up to 50 miles per hour possible. it will get worse overnight into daytime monday where more rain is widespread in new england and north carolina and gusts up to 65 miles per hour. beach erosion will be seen in coastal areas across portions of new england. by mop night into tuesday morning, we are expecting the worst conditions across new york city, through portions of new jersey with hurricane-like conditions possible and the back
2:56 pm
end of the storm system heavy wet snow so heavy and strong that we are actually talking about blizzard conditions and blizzard wantings have been issued across portions of the state of west virginia with locally up to 2' of snow possible. >>heather: thank you. >>gregg: keep it right here for more hurricane sandy courage right here on the fox news coverage. that is going to do it for us. >>heather: stave say in the path of the storm. >>gregg: fox news sunday with chris wallace is next. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race.
2:57 pm
no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save 50% on banners.
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